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do not read this

2011-12-14 18:30:24 by RagingPogo

its been a while, but since i didnt do anything good since im here you probably wont know about that.

if youre interested in my story: i abandoned newgrounds when i started studying design in the netherlands. well what can i say, its fucking expensive, so i had to quit. due to the lack of a job ive got some free time again and i decided to be creative in the meantime.

problem is, i lack good ideas. im relatively new to flash and animation, but ive got potential, as i was the second best designer under my fellow students (to be honest, the best one had some freaking mad skills)

yeah, so if you read until here, thanks for listening. if youre having a good story, startup, character or anything to make a flashmovie id appreciate if youd let me know about it

heres a quick drawn octopus playing piano for your time

do not read this